(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
v. clothe, attire, array; scold, reprove, berate, whip; adorn, garnish, decorate; align, equalize; prepare, bandage. See clothing, disapprobation, ornament, remedy. — n. clothing, costume, vesture, garb, raiment, apparel, habit; frock, gown. Ant., undress.
(Roget's IV) n.
1. [Clothing]
Syn. attire, apparel, formal dress, toilette; see clothes .
2. [A woman's outer garment]
Syn. frock, basic black dress, gown, jumper, sheath, cocktail dress, evening gown, ball gown, formal*, wedding gown, suit, skirt, tunic, robe, sun dress, tank dress, shirtwaist dress, shift, sack, sweater dress, strapless, wraparound, sari, muumuu, toga, cheongsam, housedress, smock, sarong, housecoat; see also clothes .
1. [To put on clothes]
Syn. don, put on, wear, garb, clothe, change clothes, robe, attire, apparel, costume, drape, array, cover, wrap up, get into, fit into, try on, slip on, slip into, throw on, fix up, spruce up, dress up, overdress, muffle up, bundle up, deck, deck out, doll up*, trick out*, tog up*, underdress, dress down; see also clothe , dress up , wear 1 .
2. [To provide with clothes]
Syn. costume, outfit, fit out; see clothe , provide 1 .
3. [To make ready for show or use]
Syn. groom, adorn, ornament, make ready; see decorate , prepare 1 , trim 2 .
4. [To give medical treatment]
Syn. attend, treat, bandage, cleanse, sterilize, cauterize, give first aid, bind, apply a surgical dressing, apply antiseptics, apply medication, plaster, sew up, remove stitches; see also heal 1 .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus)
1. clothing outfit, garb, attire, apparel, costume, habit, habiliment, ensemble, raiment, vestments, *togs, *duds. ''The soul of a man.''—Shakespeare.
2. woman's garment frock, gown, evening dress, skirt, shift, ensemble, formal, wraparound.
African chemise with bell-shaped sleeves: dashiki
African, long, flowing: seloso
African shift: Ethiopian shirtdress
ankle-length dress popular in late 1960s: maxi
bell-shaped dress with tight bodice: dirndl
black ankle-length dress with high neckline, ruffled sleeves: granny dress
bloused-top dress: blouson
bubble-shaped dress of the 1950s: bubble dress
calf-length dress introduced in the 1960s: midi
chemise: shift
child’s sleeveless dress with bib-top apron: pinafore
full, puffed: bouffant
full, triangular: tent dress
glittery, beaded, sequined: diamante
Hawaiian: muumuu
Hindu, wrapped and draped: sari
Indian fringed and beaded: buckskin
Japanese wraparound with sash: yukata, kimono
kiltlike dress with wrap skirt: kiltie
knitted: sweater dress
loose-fitting gown: peignoir
1920s dress with short skirt and long torso: flapper
poor European dress with puffed sleeves, drawstring neckline: peasant dress
pregnant, for women who are: maternity dress
robelike, full-length, embroidered around neck: caftan
Roman-inspired, one shoulder bare: toga
rump protrusion of the nineteenth century: bustle
sack: chemise
shapeless, long: Mother Hubbard
shirtlike, buttoned top, with full or straight skirt: shirtwaist dress
short evening dress: cocktail dress
short-skirted dress of 1960s, 1980s: minidress
snug and narrow with slashed back: sheath
straight-cut, no waistline: chemise, sack
strapless or halter-style: sundress
wraparound: wrap
see skirt
1. clothe garb, attire, vest, deck out, outfit, slip into, wear, clad, don, costume.
2. decorate trim, embellish, adorn, garnish, beautify, festoon, deck.
ANT.: 1. strip, undress, disrobe
(Roget's Thesaurus II) I verb 1. To put clothes on: apparel, attire, clothe, garb, garment, invest. Informal: tog. See PUT ON. 2. To furnish with decorations. Also used with up: adorn, bedeck, deck2 (out), decorate, embellish, garnish, ornament, trim. See BEAUTIFUL. 3. To apply therapeutic materials to (a wound): bandage, bind. See CARE FOR. 4. To prepare (soil) for the planting and raising of crops: cultivate, culture, tend2, till, work. See PREPARED, TOUCH. II noun 1. Articles worn to cover the body: apparel, attire, clothes, clothing, garment (used in plural), habiliment (often used in plural), raiment. Informal: dud (used in plural), tog (used in plural). Slang: thread (used in plural). See PUT ON. 2. A set or style of clothing: costume, garb, guise, habiliment (often used in plural), outfit, turnout. Informal: getup, rig. See PUT ON. 3. A one-piece skirted outer garment for women and children: frock, gown. See PUT ON.

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